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cDvbDevice Class Reference

#include <dvbdevice.h>

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Detailed Description

The cDvbDevice implements a DVB device which can be accessed through the Linux DVB driver API.

Definition at line 29 of file dvbdevice.h.

Public Member Functions

bool Active (void)
bool AttachPlayer (cPlayer *Player)
 Attaches the given player to this device.
bool AttachReceiver (cReceiver *Receiver)
 Attaches the given receiver to this device.
int Ca (void) const
 Returns the ca of the current receiving session(s).
int CardIndex (void) const
 Returns the card index of this device (0 ... MAXDEVICES - 1).
 cDvbDevice (int n)
cCiHandler * CiHandler (void)
virtual void Clear (void)
void Detach (cReceiver *Receiver)
 Detaches the given receiver from this device.
void Detach (cPlayer *Player)
 Detaches the given player from this device.
int DeviceNumber (void) const
 Returns the number of this device (0 ... MAXDEVICES - 1).
virtual void Freeze (void)
 Puts the device into "freeze frame" mode.
const char ** GetAudioTracks (int *CurrentTrack=NULL) const
virtual cSpuDecoder * GetSpuDecoder (void)
virtual int64_t GetSTC (void)
virtual eVideoSystem GetVideoSystem (void)
virtual bool GrabImage (const char *FileName, bool Jpeg=true, int Quality=-1, int SizeX=-1, int SizeY=-1)
virtual bool HasDecoder (void) const
 Tells whether this device has an MPEG decoder.
virtual bool HasProgramme (void)
bool IsMute (void) const
bool IsPrimaryDevice (void) const
virtual void Mute (void)
cOsdBase * NewOsd (int x, int y)
int NumAudioTracks (void) const
virtual void Play (void)
virtual void PlayAudio (const uchar *Data, int Length)
virtual int PlayVideo (const uchar *Data, int Length)
virtual bool Poll (cPoller &Poller, int TimeoutMs=0)
int ProvidesCa (int Ca) const
virtual bool ProvidesChannel (const cChannel *Channel, int Priority=-1, bool *NeedsDetachReceivers=NULL) const
virtual bool ProvidesSource (int Source) const
 Returns true if this device can provide the given source.
bool Receiving (bool CheckAny=false) const
 Returns true if we are currently receiving.
bool Replaying (void) const
 Returns true if we are currently replaying.
void SetAudioTrack (int Index)
virtual void SetVideoFormat (bool VideoFormat16_9)
void SetVolume (int Volume, bool Absolute=false)
bool Start (void)
virtual void StillPicture (const uchar *Data, int Length)
 Displays the given I-frame as a still picture.
void StopReplay (void)
 Stops the current replay session (if any).
bool SwitchChannel (const cChannel *Channel, bool LiveView)
bool ToggleMute (void)
 Turns the volume off or on and returns the new mute state.
virtual void TrickSpeed (int Speed)

Static Public Member Functions

static cDeviceActualDevice (void)
static int CurrentChannel (void)
 Returns the number of the current channel on the primary device.
static int CurrentVolume (void)
static bool EmergencyExit (bool Request=false)
static cDeviceGetDevice (const cChannel *Channel, int Priority=-1, bool *NeedsDetachReceivers=NULL)
static cDeviceGetDevice (int Index)
static bool Initialize (void)
static int NumDevices (void)
 Returns the total number of devices.
static cDevicePrimaryDevice (void)
 Returns the primary device.
static void SetCaCaps (int Index=-1)
static bool SetPrimaryDevice (int n)
static void SetUseDevice (int n)
static void Shutdown (void)
static bool SwitchChannel (int Direction)
static bool UseDevice (int n)

Protected Types

enum  ePidType {
  ptAudio, ptVideo, ptPcr, ptTeletext,
  ptDolby, ptOther

Protected Member Functions

bool AddPid (int Pid, ePidType PidType=ptOther)
 Adds a PID to the set of PIDs this device shall receive.
void Cancel (int WaitSeconds=0)
virtual bool CanReplay (void) const
 Returns true if this device can currently start a replay session.
virtual void CloseDvr (void)
 Shuts down the DVR.
void DelPid (int Pid, ePidType PidType=ptOther)
 Deletes a PID from the set of PIDs this device shall receive.
virtual const char ** GetAudioTracksDevice (int *CurrentTrack=NULL) const
virtual bool GetTSPacket (uchar *&Data)
bool HasPid (int Pid) const
 Returns true if this device is currently receiving the given PID.
void Lock (void)
virtual void MakePrimaryDevice (bool On)
virtual int NumAudioTracksDevice (void) const
virtual bool OpenDvr (void)
int Priority (void) const
virtual void SetAudioTrackDevice (int Index)
virtual bool SetChannelDevice (const cChannel *Channel, bool LiveView)
 Sets the device to the given channel (actual physical setup).
virtual bool SetPid (cPidHandle *Handle, int Type, bool On)
virtual bool SetPlayMode (ePlayMode PlayMode)
virtual void SetVolumeDevice (int Volume)
 Sets the audio volume on this device (Volume = 0...255).
void Unlock (void)
void WakeUp (void)

Static Protected Member Functions

static int NextCardIndex (int n=0)

Protected Attributes

cCiHandler * ciHandler
cPidHandle pidHandles [MAXPIDHANDLES]
ePlayMode playMode

Static Protected Attributes

static int currentChannel = 1

Private Member Functions

int OsdDeviceHandle (void) const
void TurnOffLiveMode (void)

Static Private Member Functions

static bool Probe (const char *FileName)
 Probes for existing DVB devices.

Private Attributes

int aPid1
int aPid2
int devVideoIndex
cDvbTuner * dvbTuner
int fd_audio
int fd_dvr
int fd_osd
int fd_stc
int fd_video
fe_type_t frontendType
cSIProcessor * siProcessor
cDvbSpuDecoder * spuDecoder

Static Private Attributes

static int devVideoOffset = -1


class cDvbOsd

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