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bool cDevice::ProvidesChannel ( const cChannel *  Channel,
int  Priority = -1,
bool *  NeedsDetachReceivers = NULL 
) const [virtual]

Returns true if this device can provide the given channel. In case the device has cReceivers attached to it or it is the primary device, Priority is used to decide whether the caller's request can be honored. The special Priority value -1 will tell the caller whether this device is principally able to provide the given Channel, regardless of any attached cReceivers. If NeedsDetachReceivers is given, the resulting value in it will tell the caller whether or not it will have to detach any currently attached receivers from this device before calling SwitchChannel. Note that the return value in NeedsDetachReceivers is only meaningful if the function itself actually returns true. The default implementation always returns false, so a derived cDevice class that can provide channels must implement this function.

Reimplemented in cDvbDevice.

Definition at line 319 of file device.c.

Referenced by GetDevice(), SetChannel(), and SwitchChannel().

  return false;

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