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bool cDevice::GrabImage ( const char *  FileName,
bool  Jpeg = true,
int  Quality = -1,
int  SizeX = -1,
int  SizeY = -1 
) [virtual]

Capture a single frame as an image. Grabs the currently visible screen image into the given file, with the given parameters.

FileName The name of the file to write. Should include the proper extension.
Jpeg If true will write a JPEG file. Otherwise a PNM file will be written.
Quality The compression factor for JPEG. 1 will create a very blocky and small image, 70..80 will yield reasonable quality images while keeping the image file size around 50 KB for a full frame. The default will create a big but very high quality image.
SizeX The number of horizontal pixels in the frame (default is the current screen width).
SizeY The number of vertical pixels in the frame (default is the current screen height).
True if all went well.

Reimplemented in cDvbDevice.

Definition at line 210 of file device.c.

  return false;

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