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cDevice Member List

This is the complete list of members for cDevice, including all inherited members.

Action(void) (defined in cDevice)cDevice [private, virtual]
active (defined in cDevice)cDevice [private]
Active(void) (defined in cThread)cThread
ActualDevice(void)cDevice [static]
AddPid(int Pid, ePidType PidType=ptOther)cDevice [protected]
AttachPlayer(cPlayer *Player)cDevice
AttachReceiver(cReceiver *Receiver)cDevice
Ca(void) const cDevice
caCaps (defined in cDevice)cDevice [private]
Cancel(int WaitSeconds=0) (defined in cThread)cThread [protected]
CanReplay(void) const cDevice [protected, virtual]
CanShift(int Ca, int Priority, int UsedCards=0) const (defined in cDevice)cDevice [private]
CardIndex(void) const cDevice [inline]
cardIndex (defined in cDevice)cDevice [private]
cDevice(void) (defined in cDevice)cDevice [protected]
CiHandler(void) (defined in cDevice)cDevice [inline]
ciHandler (defined in cDevice)cDevice [protected]
Clear(void)cDevice [virtual]
CloseDvr(void)cDevice [protected, virtual]
cThread(void) (defined in cThread)cThread
currentChannel (defined in cDevice)cDevice [protected, static]
CurrentChannel(void)cDevice [inline, static]
CurrentVolume(void) (defined in cDevice)cDevice [inline, static]
DelPid(int Pid, ePidType PidType=ptOther)cDevice [protected]
Detach(cPlayer *Player)cDevice
Detach(cReceiver *Receiver)cDevice
device (defined in cDevice)cDevice [private, static]
DeviceNumber(void) const cDevice
EmergencyExit(bool Request=false) (defined in cThread)cThread [static]
ePidType enum name (defined in cDevice)cDevice [protected]
Freeze(void)cDevice [virtual]
GetAudioTracks(int *CurrentTrack=NULL) const cDevice
GetAudioTracksDevice(int *CurrentTrack=NULL) const cDevice [protected, virtual]
GetDevice(int Index)cDevice [static]
GetDevice(const cChannel *Channel, int Priority=-1, bool *NeedsDetachReceivers=NULL)cDevice [static]
GetSpuDecoder(void)cDevice [virtual]
GetSTC(void)cDevice [virtual]
GetTSPacket(uchar *&Data)cDevice [protected, virtual]
GetVideoSystem(void)cDevice [virtual]
GrabImage(const char *FileName, bool Jpeg=true, int Quality=-1, int SizeX=-1, int SizeY=-1)cDevice [virtual]
HasDecoder(void) const cDevice [virtual]
HasPid(int Pid) const cDevice [protected]
HasProgramme(void)cDevice [virtual]
IsMute(void) const (defined in cDevice)cDevice [inline]
IsPrimaryDevice(void) const (defined in cDevice)cDevice [inline]
Lock(void) (defined in cThread)cThread [inline, protected]
MakePrimaryDevice(bool On)cDevice [protected, virtual]
Mute(void)cDevice [virtual]
mute (defined in cDevice)cDevice [private]
NewOsd(int x, int y)cDevice [virtual]
NextCardIndex(int n=0)cDevice [protected, static]
nextCardIndex (defined in cDevice)cDevice [private, static]
NumAudioTracks(void) const cDevice
NumAudioTracksDevice(void) const cDevice [protected, virtual]
numDevices (defined in cDevice)cDevice [private, static]
NumDevices(void)cDevice [inline, static]
OpenDvr(void)cDevice [protected, virtual]
pidHandles (defined in cDevice)cDevice [protected]
Play(void)cDevice [virtual]
PlayAudio(const uchar *Data, int Length)cDevice [virtual]
player (defined in cDevice)cDevice [private]
PlayVideo(const uchar *Data, int Length)cDevice [virtual]
Poll(cPoller &Poller, int TimeoutMs=0)cDevice [virtual]
primaryDevice (defined in cDevice)cDevice [private, static]
PrimaryDevice(void)cDevice [inline, static]
Priority(void) const cDevice [protected]
ProvidesCa(int Ca) const cDevice
ProvidesChannel(const cChannel *Channel, int Priority=-1, bool *NeedsDetachReceivers=NULL) const cDevice [virtual]
ProvidesSource(int Source) const cDevice [virtual]
ptAudio enum value (defined in cDevice)cDevice [protected]
ptDolby enum value (defined in cDevice)cDevice [protected]
ptOther enum value (defined in cDevice)cDevice [protected]
ptPcr enum value (defined in cDevice)cDevice [protected]
ptTeletext enum value (defined in cDevice)cDevice [protected]
ptVideo enum value (defined in cDevice)cDevice [protected]
receiver (defined in cDevice)cDevice [private]
Receiving(bool CheckAny=false) const cDevice
Replaying(void) const cDevice
SetAudioTrack(int Index)cDevice
SetAudioTrackDevice(int Index)cDevice [protected, virtual]
SetCaCaps(int Index=-1)cDevice [static]
SetChannel(const cChannel *Channel, bool LiveView)cDevice [private]
SetChannelDevice(const cChannel *Channel, bool LiveView)cDevice [protected, virtual]
SetPid(cPidHandle *Handle, int Type, bool On)cDevice [protected, virtual]
SetPlayMode(ePlayMode PlayMode)cDevice [protected, virtual]
SetPrimaryDevice(int n)cDevice [static]
SetUseDevice(int n)cDevice [static]
SetVideoFormat(bool VideoFormat16_9)cDevice [virtual]
SetVolume(int Volume, bool Absolute=false)cDevice
SetVolumeDevice(int Volume)cDevice [protected, virtual]
Shutdown(void)cDevice [static]
Start(void) (defined in cThread)cThread
StillPicture(const uchar *Data, int Length)cDevice [virtual]
SwitchChannel(const cChannel *Channel, bool LiveView)cDevice
SwitchChannel(int Direction)cDevice [static]
TrickSpeed(int Speed)cDevice [virtual]
Unlock(void) (defined in cThread)cThread [inline, protected]
UseDevice(int n)cDevice [inline, static]
useDevice (defined in cDevice)cDevice [private, static]
volume (defined in cDevice)cDevice [private]
WakeUp(void) (defined in cThread)cThread [protected]
~cDevice() (defined in cDevice)cDevice [protected, virtual]
~cThread() (defined in cThread)cThread [virtual]

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